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Special Comics

That Guy Group Photo-Bit O' guest art I did for the strip That Guy, while the creator ran off and did some damn fool thing like getting hitched.

Casper and Crew's Birthday Present-A special crossover in honor of the one year anniversary of the web comic School Spirit.

We Brought Jello-A special crossover in honor of the one year anniversary of the web comic Tracy and Tristian.

Keenswim 2005-A special web comic done as a promo peice for this strip which appeared on Keenswim 2005.

Online Comics Day 2005-A special web comic done on May 5 2005 to bring a little more attention to web comics in general. Read more about Online Comics Day here.

Anywhere But Drive Thru-Collaborative Effort with Amy Hohensee, creator and author of Drive Thru Blues. Ran the week of March 1-5, 2005.

2005 Valentines Day Special-A full color strip for "the fans" that ran Sunday, Febuary 13, 2005. Yes, it is fanservice, though which fan's it services is up in the air.

For Will-Commerative strip in honor of Will Eisner. Ran the week of January 3-7, 2005.

50 First Dates

Date 10-With Zoe and Lisa from Venus Ascending

Date 9-With Abby from The Green Avenger.

Date 8-With Penny and Herbert from Many Tidings Grim.

Date 7-With Jeager and Fiddy from The Longest Sojourn.

Date 6-With Rama and John from Vote for this Comic.

Date 5-With Rosemary from The Mansion of E.

Date 4-With Rachael from Sam and Eli's Adventures.

Date 3-With Sara Panda, CJ Burgandy, Kisa-Lian, and Lust from Burgundy Comics, INC.

Date 2-With Laura from Beyond Reality

Date 1-With Reporter Maria from Last Weeks News

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